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Love Your Home | Small Changes to Make Your Home Feel More Personal

Often times we discuss with clients the larger changes in their homes that can make a difference but it’s also the little things that create that personal touch. A home isn’t just four walls and a roof — it’s a sanctuary. To make it feel as comfortable and welcoming as possible, it’s important to add personal touches that make it truly representative of you. Whether it’s an existing home or a new one, adding some meaningful accents can make a big impact on your decor. Here are five tips that will help you transform any space into a beautiful reflection of your tastes and life… turning a house into a home.

Display Sentimental Objects

The best interior designers know that in order to create a home that feels inviting, you have to focus on more than just design. Rather than limiting decor to only what fits an aesthetic, it’s essential to add in some items that are meaningful to you. Give some thought as to what it is that makes you who you are and what items speak to your personality and background. Some examples might include family photographs, favorite books and magazines, and handmade items. Find out what makes you feel at home, then start displaying those things.

Cabin on a shelf
Blizzard Project | EH Design

Invest in Artwork You Love

Consider investing in artwork that means something to you and makes you feel joyful. Purchasing a work of original art is not just a meaningful experience, but it’s something you will be able to cherish forever and pass on to future generations. An original painting will add much more depth to a room as it is one-of-a-kind, it will make you feel special every time you look at it. Not only are you adding a high-quality piece to your home, but you’re also supporting an artist.

Bethesda Circle | EH Design

Use a Signature Scent

Have you ever stayed at someone’s home and noticed a specific scent? Many people love using a signature scent in their home. It’s a small way of personalizing a space, but ultimately, it will come to mean a lot more to you. After a while, the scent you choose will become calming as it lets you know that you’re home as soon as you open your door. To pick out a scent, think about what types of scents appeal to you and choose a version that guests will also enjoy. Maybe you love the smell of freshly cut flowers, or maybe you want something warm and comforting. Layer the scent throughout your home with a mist, candles, and even a linen spray to use.

Room Spray
Haugeurd Home | EH Design

Dedicate Space to Your Hobbies

Often, we get so caught up in how things appear that we forget about functionality. It’s really important to carve out some space in your home for the activities that you enjoy doing. Not only will it make your space feel more personal, but it will make your life more enjoyable. For example, if you love yoga, dedicate a small area or room to your practice. Lay down your mat and fill the room with pillows, plants, and candles to create a space that is tranquil and ready whenever you want to do yoga. Or, if you love to paint, store all of your supplies in one cabinet and make room for a permanent easel.

Workout bike
Haugerud Home | EH Design

Add Plants and Flowers

Live greenery and flowers make a home feel more alive. Adding some of your favorite types of potted plants and freshly-cut flowers can provide a mood boost every time you see them. They’ll not only add color and energy to a room, but many plants can also improve air quality. Add at least one plant or vase full of flowers to every room and we’re certain you’ll reap the benefits of being around their beauty.

Haugerud Home | EH Design


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