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Hide Toys In Plain Sight | Toy Storage Solutions

Where do I put all of these toys?!  One of the biggest requests we get as designers is for toy storage and organizational solutions, when dealing with families with younger kiddos.  So often our clients are looking for ways to get organized and keep a clean space but find themselves buried in toy clutter! Many homes are designed today with open floorplans and that's where most of the family time is spent so our favorite way to provide toy storage in these spaces is to hide them in plain sight.  What does this mean?!  We've outlined great toy storage solutions for your main living spaces that don't compromise good design and day to day functionality of a living space

I believe that poor organization leads to chaos and I simply can't function without it so that is why today we're sharing our own house for this.  Often I'm asked how I keep my house so clean and organized.  Well - I'll let you in on a little secret - it isn't always picture perfect but with good organizational tools and solutions, we're able to clean up quick and turn it around fast.

So for those of you dying to see our main level in disarray - this post is for you! Feast your eyes on this beautiful disaster! 

Bless this Mess

It's typical that at any time during the weekend, this is what our main level looks like.  The kids typically pull everything from their storage bins and cabinets and this is often the result.  Yes, it makes me want to clean up, seeing it this way, but knowing that everything has a place and there's a place for everything, gives me peace of mind.  So play away kiddos, play away! 

P.S. Let's talk about that tower Mitch and Preston built - wowza!  

**In addition to our main family room area, check out our kiddos Art Room that we created.    

The After

Allowing them to play and create messes is vital in allowing them to be who they are, so creating spaces for them to do so, is crucial.  But you can allow them to make messes at the same time as having an organized and clean space.  As mentioned, organization is key and when kids are involved, it's more important than ever!  Not only does great toy storage and organization give us piece of mind as adults, it also teaches our kiddos these skills.  They learn to to pick up, knowing that there is a place for their particular toys and where things belong.  It makes it a bit easier on them (and you) when they know where items go and we also find that there is less push back this way.  

As you can see, it went from a total disaster to completely cleaned up and to be totally honest, it didn't take that mush time, especially with the kids helping 😉 

Here are our solutions for this space that you can replicate in your own home.

Let's Get Organized

Console Table/Bookcase

Console tables are great solutions for toy storage.  You can either leave the cubbies open or put baskets in them for extra hidden storage.  In our case, we opted to use baskets in the large slots.  The contents of these baskets have changed over time because as our kiddos get older, what they play with changes.  These used to be filled with princess and ponies when it was just my daughter and then when my son came along it was baby toys and balls.  Right now these are filled with cars for our son, blocks for the both of them and odd/end items.  I imagine we'll change these out several times more as baby #3 comes into play as well.  When I notice they aren't taking out the bins as often, I change out the contents to be something else that I know they will be interested in. 

Shop Console Table/Bookcase Solutions

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End Tables

End tables that have closed storage are always a good idea for living spaces because you can hide just about anything behind those closed doors.  This end table is from Carver Junk Company and we just love it!  We have put so many carious toys in this as well.  Right now it houses Preston's larger cars that don't fit in the baskets in the console table.  

Below are great ideas for you to replicate this idea in your space as well.

Shop Side Table Solutions

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Baskets are your friends!  We use them everywhere. If there is a signature item that I use in spaces, regardless of the room, it would be baskets!  So the family room to hold not only extra blankets makes sense but how about the massive amounts of Lego Duplo's we have?!  For Christmas these kiddos were gifted so many Legos that we had to find a place for all of them.  Our son loves to build so we wanted to have them near by that he could use whatever piece he wanted.  Having them organized but in sight allows him to remember they are there.  Yes, it makes a mess.  But remember, that's going to happen either way.  It's whether there is a good organization solution and there is! 😉 

Shop Basket Solutions

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