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For the Love of Hardware | EH Design

We're super pumped that the hardware is in for our Minnetonka Modern Kitchen Remodel and can't wait to share the finished project with you!  This means the cabinets will be going in very soon - eeek!  Check out the beautiful chrome pulls we are putting in this kitchen.  We have 13" pulls, 9" pulls and my favorite - 1" finger pulls for the cabinet doors!  These are going to look so amazing in this kitchen! 

Because we are talking hardware, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite hardware right now and show some examples of each!  

Chrome is so versatile and looks great in so many applications.  It's great in modern designs because it creates a seamless and sleek look.  It's also a beautiful and delicate addition to a transitional kitchen.   

Brass is my all time favorite hardware right now.  Eventually I will do a separate gathering of just brass hardware, as it needs it's own blog! Tip - reach for the more satin finishes of brass hardware - polished can give you a dated look!

As for black - this beauty should not be overlooked.  Just as amazing as chrome is in a modern kitchen, black is equally amazing.  Shown below we have a black on black look that is so beautifully sleek and gives a more wonderful masculine feel.  It's also very amazing in a white designs as well - the contrast is stunning!   

Leather hardware is so fun.  When used in moderation and in the right places it has such a unique vibe.  Try using it in an office or on just a pantry cabinet space.  You can see in the examples, they chose to use on a pantry door and on trays in a kitchen along with brass hardware.  Leather is a great DIYer project as well!  

Well, that's a wrap!  Things to keep your eyes peeled for in relation to this post:

  1. Our Minnetonka Modern Kitchen remodel reveal

  2. Fall trends 

  3. A further breakdown of our favorite hardware


(1) Alno Polished Chrome Finger Cabinet Pull (going in our Minnetonka Modern Kitchen Remodel - Coming soon) // Example 

(2) Berenson Hardware Polished Chrome (going in our Minnetonka Modern Kitchen Remodel - Coming soon) // Example 


Matte Black 



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