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Coffee Table Vs. Ottoman

A family room must have either a coffee table or an ottoman to be complete. The long standing question from our clients is, “what is the right thing to get?”

And there is no correct answer, it comes down to 3 things:

  1. Preference – What is your preference? typically you will have a preference one way or the other and if you don’t, the other things will drive it.

  2. Other furniture in the room – What is the other furniture in the room? Are there enough other surface areas in the room to set drinks down? Does the space need to be “softened” a bit from the other furniture in the room? etc.

  3. Purpose of the space – What is the purpose of the room? is this meant to be a “kick your feet up and watch a movie” type space?

We have compiled our favorite of both coffee tables and ottomans. Check them out below!

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