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Chanhassen Powder Room | EH Design

This powder room sits right off of the mudroom and the kitchen so there is a lot of foot traffic to and from this bathroom from both the home owners and their guests. The home owner wanted this to be a place she could show off and enjoy as this is the first thing she sees as she opens the door everyday!

Here are a couple of before pictures of the bathroom.

We started by picking out the wood and laying it out in the pattern we were looking for.

Once the wood was cleaned and primed, it was delivered on-sight for install

We decided to lay the plank wall directly on top of the existing baseboard instead of removing the baseboard on that end so that there was easy removal of the plank wall in the future.

The wood pieces were carefully chosen for the space depending on thickness and any other imperfections/perfections in the wood.

Here is the final product!  The rest of the bathroom was painted SW Alabaster for a nice clean creamy white as to not steal the thunder from the plank wall!

After the wall was finished, it was time to add the finishing touches!

Shelves behind the toilet and next to the mirror are wonderful storage and display areas!

Small touches of teal add a bit of color to the space without taking away from that amazing plank wall!

That mirror!  Cream and grey herringbone mirror!  To die for!

We also switched out the light fixture for this great downtown Edison

Opposite the toilet, we added a bit more storage space with this ladder that leans against the wall.  Next to and behind the door we added some wall art for a bit of a surprise when the door was shut.


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