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Blush Bohemian Bedroom Design | Opalhouse by Target

Have you seen the new line at Target - the well-traveled and eclectic Opalhouse line?!  If not, you must STOP what you're doing and check it out now!  This bohemian inspired home furniture and decor line is FULL of bold colors and textures and the line spans from the living room to the bedroom.  Not only could we not keep our eyes off the items in this line, but we couldn't help ourselves from wanting to feel all the textures - like the chevron velvet pillow!  YUM! 

So we went digging and found that there are more than 1,300 pieces in this line to incorporate into your spaces! They have everything from wall coverings to decor

So then this got us thinking...with so much to choose from in this line, how fun would it be to design a full bedroom in all Opalhouse furniture and decor?!  When we started laying out this design it became apparent to us that there is so much to choose from and all of the pieces coordinate.  Endless amounts of possibilities!  We decided that since our current line of thought was in the blush tones with the nursery, we would stick with that and create a room around the blush tones from the collection.

Stay tuned for our nursery design where you'll get a sneak peak into incorporating the Opalhouse line with other elements and product lines.  You'll be amazed at the versatility of the items in this line!

Check out our Blush Bohemian Bedroom Design Below! 


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TargetStyle expert Emily Henderson

TargetStyle expert Emily Henderson created a beautiful bedroom using Opalhouse as well and it turned out AMAZING! Check out her Romantic Glam Bedroom Makeover below.

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