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Bathroom Faucet Roundup | EH Design

In the quest to find the perfect bathroom faucets for our commercial project, we came across some amazing bathroom faucets and wanted to share our roundup with you.

We love the look of a widespread, single hole or wall mounted faucet because they tend to give a more updated and custom look.  Another option is a centerset faucet which is a one piece faucet set that includes faucet head and handles in one piece.  

I prefer a widespread, single hole or wall mounted faucet over a centerset but sometimes it is unavoidable because if you already have a sink that has a centerset faucet (which tends to be the case in most homes unless it was custom), there are some great options out there - Signature Hardware has an amazing variety and we're in love with the Lindo Centerset right now.  And as a matter of fact, this exact faucet will be going into our Chan project we are working on right now where we came across this exact scenario. 

Whether you're looking for brass, chrome, black, bronze or nickel, you will be able to find something that suits the style you are looking for.  Within each of those metals there are finishes as well to consider and it all boils down to the look you are going for because there is a plethora of styles within each of those metals as well. 

Of course we could go on for days listing our favorites, but here's some amazing ones below we fell in love with! 

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Project: EH Design | Savage Basement Finish (Not yet Revealed)


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