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On a Personal Note

Where our passion for

Interior Design comes from...

We're going way back...

As a small child, I loved creating collages from magazines and cutouts.  I would spend hours flipping through magazines, clipping out images that I was attracted to, and gluing them to poster boards or construction paper.  I eventually created a three-ring binder where I kept all of my creations in a nice organized fashion.  I realized over time that my eye for design and all things beautiful was evolving. 

I decided to put my eye for design to the test.  I would redo my bedroom…over and over and over again, refining my design and my skills!  Luckily my mom encouraged my obsession, mostly because she understood it.  She too had a passion for design, which is where I inherently obtained it, to begin with!  She always said they’d move out of that house with the walls 2 inches thicker than when they moved in (from all the paint). 

I remember watching my mom carefully and artfully rummage through garage sales, finding what she considered to be amazing pieces.  She would apply a new coat of paint, some new fabric, and a little (sometimes a lot) elbow grease, and they naturally became masterpieces! 

I started to take on many of these qualities I observed over the years and applied them in my life.  I did this as a passion for years for myself and others around me. 

Fast forward a few years… obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Communications and spending almost 10 years in the industry.  This is where I realized that there was so much more for me out there where I could apply these skills with my passion for design.  I embarked on a journey back to school where I obtained my education in design with so much encouragement and support from my friends and family. 


I wanted more and I knew I had finally found it – the design world was where I ultimately was supposed to be. 

And this is where you’ll find me today, fully engrossed in the design world, carefully and artfully improving the homes of others!

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