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The Many Faces of Moss | EH Design

Moss - it's a wonderful thing!  Why? Well admittedly I am not good at keeping house plants alive.  I forget about watering them and then I over water them because I feel bad for neglecting them.  I'm not even sure what it is - but if a plant is in my home, it doesn't last long.  Sad - I know!  

I continue to try though and I am learning, so maybe one day!  The weird thing too is that I can get just about anything outside to grow beautifully!  I supposed I let nature do most of the work and inside maybe I over nurture? Mystery!  

So that is a big reason I turn to moss.  It's an amazing low/no maintenance green and can be used just about anywhere.  If you have a place in your home that gets little to no light but needs some green, this is the perfect place for some moss!  If you can't keep a plant alive, moss is your friend.  

There are several kinds of moss but our secret is to use the deepest forest green moss.  It doesn't discolor over time and also has a nice feathered look that you can either round off to create a more clean look or let go to create a more natural look.  

We use moss in most of our projects - whether it's in terrariums paired with gravel and rock, terracotta pots for a natural look, glass jars to add color and interest, wooden bowls for texture, or simply on it's own - we LOVE moss!  

Here's some mosspiration!




Glass Containers

Stand Alone


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