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Osseo Master Bedroom Reveal | EH Design

This is phase 2 for our Osseo project.  Initially we did the main level and basement spaces and just recently we have completed their master bedroom!  We wanted to create an oasis for the family without breaking the bank so no major renos were done, but the cosmetic changes that were made, made all the difference in this update.  An elevated shabby chic approach was taken in this design concept. Here is our reveal!  Enjoy!

Design Concept

Elevated Shabby Chic



Our elevated shabby chic master bedroom consisted of a played down approach to the ruffles and lace and a combination of modern elements with the classics.  We started by painting the walls and crown molding one color - SW Downy.  This created a nice clean and bright backdrop to build on.  It also brought the ceiling up, creating height and openness to the room.  We layered creams throughout the room but used a lot of different textures to create dimension and interest.  In making the bed we started with a solid cream sheet set.  We then layered that with a cream textured coverlet/quilt.  The coverlet has an amazing scallop detail at the top which gives it a wonderful chic feel.  To add some warmth to the bed we finished the coverings off with the duvet cover.  Notice the pinstripe and the small strip of lace that runs down the top.  This gives it such a nice subtle shabby chic detail.  As for the pillows, we wanted to keep this pretty simple so we started with the sleeping pillows in the back of course followed by two large cream textured pillows for height in front of those.  We then chose to add a pop of grey which picks up the pop of grey found in the pinstripe in the duvet.  We then finished it off with a fringed cream lumbar pillow.  Layered creams is what it's all about!  Which then the greens we used throughout the room popped against all of the cream.  

The Details

We love the details in this room!  We chose a large mirror over the bed to reflect the gorgeous marble shelves that hold the amazing decor across the room. We decided last minute to paint the mirror the same color as the wall so that it didn't stand out but created some amazing dimension.  My absolute favorite element in the room are the side table swing arm sconces!  This adds such a great contemporary touch to the room and the brass adds a feminine touch to the shabby chic.  We replicated the wall planters from the family room and brought them into the master for 2 reasons - 1) bringing elements from one room to the next creates cohesion and 2) we love them!  The decor on the shelves are to die for!  We love picking up items from Carver Junk Company for this very reason!  


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