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Christmas Table Setting in 7 Simple Steps

OK let’s get real for a second…we now have 3 kiddos and a lot less time – you feel me?! Christmas is also fast approaching and I’m sure the last thing you thought about was your table right? Well, don’t over complicate things! Grab what you got and make it work.

I’m betting you have these 7 things on the list below to pull it together. If not, I’ve got alternative suggestions below.

Happy Holidays to all of you beautiful people!

EH Design

1. Table Runner

This is the first thing that goes down on the table to place all other items on. It also protects your table when you place the food on the table as well. Below are some runner options for you to chose from if you need one.

Alternative: Placemats can be used in replace of a runner.

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2. Garland

We love to add green to the table especially at Christmas. Remember to not overdo it though. There needs to be places to put the food. Either run a garland down the middle of the table or add some sprigs to each place setting. Below are some greens we love!

Alternative: Grab some fresh rosemary or other sprigs to place on each place setting.

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3. Place Setting

This is your plates, bowls, flateware, and any other dish you need to eat with. Feel free to use what you have. If you have china – use it! If you have your moms Christmas dishes – use them! We always gravitate toward the white place settings and add a decorative side plate or bowl. This makes life super easy and a lot less expensive! Below are some great options!

Alternative: Use your everyday dishes

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4. Napkins

This is another place that you can add some character! This year we found these super cute Scallop Black and White Napkins that we incorporated into the tablescape. To dress them up a bit further we tied a green velvet ribbon around the top and tucked a preserved boxwood sprigs in each!

Alternative: Listen – there is no shame in using paper napkins…we won’t tell.

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5. Name Tags

We made this super simple on ourselves and grabbed ornaments off the tree and place cards we had in the drawer. Admittedly I have the WORST hand writing of all time but I do like an organized space so you bet I pulled out my label maker to make the names on these babies. Done and done!

Alternative: Grab gift tags you have in your wrapping stash to replace the place cards. Use a bell , turn it upside down and viola, instant holder. Punch a hole in your tag and tie it to the napkin or simply just place it next to each spot 😉

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6. Candles

We view this as sort of a MUST do on a Christmas table setting – minus the kids table of course! It’s dark out and ambient lighting is a must. Do NOT use scented candles though because this will impede with the taste of the food!

Alternative: There really isn’t an alternative to candles but you can change up the candle holders or use non scented votive candles that you may have laying around from lighting up your Halloween pumpkins 😉

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7. Decor Items

To round off a good tablescape we always recommend adding in just a few small touches here and there. Some bells for instance add a little bit of sparkle and don’t take up too much space.

Alternative: Really the skies the limit here. Add in whatever you have but again leave space for food! Always leave space for food 😉

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