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Bathroom Remodel: James Ave. Project Reveal

This sweet little bathroom in the heart of Minnesota will always be one of our favorite remodels. We love a good bathroom remodel but also love when there are challenges associated with it because that just makes it that much more fun!

Among these challenges would be:

  1. The size of the space – this bathroom was little and served as the main bathroom in the home.

  2. An older home – this home is a beautiful 1940’s home so we wanted to make sure it still felt like it belonged to the home all along

  3. Storage – Where do we put everything in such a small space?

Check out the transformation below!



Addressing Size

So the footprint of the bathroom was not going to change. Within the home and within budgets, this just wasn’t in the plan. So, first things first, was to get more light into the space! How? We designed a glass shower surround which added more light from the window into the space. Adding the glass shower surround also made the bathroom feel bigger because the glass did not obstruct your view. Another big factor that visually opened up the space was using lighter tiles throughout the space as well as in the board and batten wall treatment.

Tiled Shower with Glass Panels | EH Design

Nurturing the Home’s Age

When we are considering a design for any space, we take a look at the home as a whole. We never want the space to feel as though it doesn’t belong with the other spaces in the home. So when designing this bathroom, we made sure to use timeless materials that felt as if they had always been there, down to the style of the hardware and fixtures.

Beautiful Cross Handle Faucet | EH Design

Beautiful White Subway Tile, Light Grey Grout, and Nickel Cross Handle Fixtures | EH Design

Beautiful Marble Hex Niche | EH Design

Storage Needs

In a home of this size and from this period, storage was minimal and not abundant. So in addition to the already small space, we needed to add places to put stuff.

The originally designed the bathroom with 2 doors. One that entered into the hallway where the bedrooms are and another by the back door. Because this serves as the only bathroom on that level, and the only bathroom in the house at the time, it only made sense. But in reality, it wasn’t needed anymore. So, we closed that baby up and put a beautiful linen cabinet there.

If you look closely, you can see that this beauty is tri-toned. We used a very light grey on the bottom half to match the vanity, a beautifully stained wood to coordinate with the rest of the home, and a white on the top to match the wall treatment in the rest of the space. It’s where it all comes together – details that matter!

The vanity served as a wonderful storage space as well. We off-set the sink to allow for space to get ready on the alternat side.

Linen Cabinet | EH Design

Stunning Corner | EH Design

Vanity Space | EH Design

Notice how the shelf and the hallway beautifully coordinate! | EH Design

Other Beautiful Shots of the Space

In case you want to take in just a bit more of this beautiful space, we’ll drop some other photos below! 😉

Details | EH Design

Board and Batten Detail | EH Design

View of the hallway | EH Design

Again – the stained linen cab top coordinates with rest of home | EH Design

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* Design implemented as EH Design through CJC Interiors


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