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2020 Mother’s Day…as like all other milestones in 2020, this one is a bit different because we are in the middle of a pandemic. This mother’s day snuck up on us a bit because of this crisis and because the days are meshing together as one as we navigate through. I will tell you though from one mom to the next, if there was ever a mother’s day to be celebrated, it would be this one! We gathered up a set of gifts for mom below!!

I don’t know about you, but my mom skills have been put to the test, been dragged through the mud, and questioned multiple times a day, so now it’s time that mom’s are celebrated because gosh darn it, we’re doing a great job!

To all you mom’s out there, you are rockstars! We have all been thrown a huge curveball and continue to rise to the occasion. So for that, let’s celebrate each other for a job well done, no matter what that looks like!

We got this!

If you’re looking to clue your loved ones into something that may make your days a tad bit sweeter, especially during this pandemic, feel free to send them the below list. 😉 Or heck, treat yourself!

P.S. Mitch if you’re reading this, I would love everything on this list…

Gifts for Mom | EH Design

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