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Our Crestwood project was such a fun one to put together. The homeowners were remodeling the husband’s childhood home to create a space that worked for the active family of today. The furnishings in the space had to match this – beauty meets function. So where do we start? A Design Board of Course!

Not only do we love to share our projects with you, but we also love to share the process that gets us there. With each project, the design process is wrapped around a design board for each space which allows the creative process to be laid out visually. This helps not only the client to be able to visualize the colors and shapes of the space, but it also allows us to build out this structure to visually grasp the space and elements as well.

Check out our final design board for our Crestwood Project below.

Shop the Design Board

What fun would it be to show you these spaces and not share the sources of where the products are coming from? Not very, right?! Well, below we have outlined a couple of ways that you can grab what you see in the design board for your own space!

You can shop the post a couple of ways:

  • There are hot spots on the image above that will take you the source of the product for shopping
  • Below is a carousel of products you can choose from that are straight from the design


Of course, we have to show off the after shots of the space once we put everything together. Below is not a full photo tour, however, if you want to see more, the full Project is here which includes entry and dining reveal, in addition to the family room! Go check them out! Otherwise, here’s a snippet of the family room.

Crestwood Project | EH Design Family Room Reveal
Crestwood Family Room | EH Design
Crestwood Family Room Reveal | EH Design
Crestwood Family Room | EH Design

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Get the Look | Crestwood Project Design Board | EH Design

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