Fresh or Faux | The Great Christmas Tree Debate

This seriously could be the great debate each holiday season.  We believe there are benefits to both a real real or a fake one and love the memories we created with purchasing fresh tress but this year we decided to go back to faux and wanted to share with you the reasons why.  We've compiled 5 reasons why we're going back to faux.

Christmas Tree | Fresh or Faux | EH Design

1. Ornaments

Yes this is actually a big consideration in choosing a fresh or a faux tree.  My mom created a tradition when we were little where she would get each of us an ornament each Christmas that we would hang on the tree each year.  The ornament would symbolize a milestone or an interest from that year. When we were older my mom gave us all of our ornaments to hang on our own trees.  This is also a tradition she has carried onto her grandbabies and we adopted that tradition as well.  Sadly with a fresh tree, most of these ornaments were too heavy for the branches of the tree and we weren't able to have them on the tree.  That or we would get them on and half way through the holiday season we would hear a thud each time an ornament fell from the tree because the tree was dying a slow death and could no longer hang onto the ornaments.

So this year, we FINALLY get to have these ornaments up on the tree to carry on this sweet tradition that I loved so much as a kiddo and hope my kids will carry on with their families as well.

How we decorated our tree this year:  As mentioned, we went back in time and took a traditional approach to the ornaments this year.  We love to start with neutral ball ornaments as well as lush velvet tied on the branches and then fill in with our unique ornaments.  We chose to eliminate the garland this year so it didn't take away from the ornaments that we didn't get to have on the tree for so many years.  Target has an amazing idea where you can purchase Christmas Tree Kits to trim your tree with ease! These are great kits as filler ornaments.

See below for some of our favorite ornaments!

Places we love to buy ornaments:

Pottery Barn 


McGee and Co.


Crate and Barrel 

Christmas Tree | Fresh or Faux | EH Design
Christmas Tree | Fresh or Faux | EH Design
Christmas Tree | Fresh or Faux | EH Design
Christmas Tree | Fresh or Faux | EH Design
Christmas Tree | Fresh or Faux | EH Design

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2. Fresh Trees Die a Slow Death Year After Year

Seriously though - by Christmas Day there was barely any room under the tree for presents because the tree had drooped so much!  Not only that, the tree would get so crispy that every time there was even a slight breeze from walking past, half the trees needles would fall off, along with the ornaments I mentioned earlier.  We would get to the point where we couldn't wait to get the tree/fire hazard out of the house.

Check out some of our favorite trees below! #1 below is our actual tree - Jasper Cashmere from Michael's 

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3. Fire-hazard

We were always terrified that our house would burn down as our real tree became crispier and crispier as the season went on.  We also badly wanted to place the tree closer to the fireplace but didn't dare.  This year we were finally able to do just that! We were able to place the tree closer to the fireplace and just love the location!  It doesn't feel shoved into the corner anymore!

Christmas Tree | Fresh or Faux | EH Design

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4. Our Fav Tree Farm Closed

If there was ever a reason to stop getting fresh it would be this year after our favorite real tree farm closed down.  This was such a great place.  Check out our post from last year, The Great Christmas Tree Hunt 2017, where we cut down our last tree there!  Bummer!

5. "Fresh Tree Smell" Doesn't Really Exist

OK OK it does exist but for maybe a week it emanates fresh tree smell but after that it really doesn't.  We were always buying candles or diffusers to get that smell anyway.  This was super frustrating because what's the point then of the fresh tree?!   Below is out all time FAVORITE reed diffuser.  It is so yummy smelling I can hardly take it!


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Christmas Tree | Fresh or Faux | EH Design

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18 thoughts on “Fresh or Faux | The Great Christmas Tree Debate”

  • Girl, your photography is the jam! I’m faux trees all the way. I’ve had one that has lasted me the past ten years (don’t even remember where I bought it from). I had no ideas that fresh trees drooped by the way – interesting.

  • I am always debating between getting a fresh tree, that will die or a plastic one that is not good for the environment as well. The struggle is real hahaha

  • Finding the perfect fresh Christmas tree is like a tradition to most families, but we always go for faux trees. I think it is safer and more economical. I am really scared of fire and I don’t want that to happen.

  • We have never had a fresh tree. We have always had a faux tree. I like faux trees because you can have them up longer than real trees. I do like that faux trees are less at risk for a fire.

  • Before I finish reading this I just have to scroll down and say how GORGEOUS your ornament photographs are! I especially love the Pegasus/unicorn!
    Okay now that I’ve finished reading 🙂 I agree with your assessment to go faux. I grew up on real trees, and I loved going to the tree farm with the family to pick the perfect one. But you’re totally right, it’s so much of a hassle–and now that I’m living on my own it’s not something I want to deal with.

  • Your tree is gorgeous! And so is your house! We have a fake tree because I found the perfect shape for our space a couple of years ago (tall and narrow) and I’d never be able to find that in a fresh tree every year! These are great things to consider!

  • I would love to move to an artificial tree but my husband and college-age kids just won’t go for it. For me, the main reason is the heavy ornaments. I hadn’t seen the ornament kids at Target. They are darling, and great inspiration.

  • When I was a kid, my mom always had a fancy faux tree in our living room that she decorated with her ornaments, and we had our own real tree in the family room that held all the ornaments we made in school and the sentimental ones that didn’t match her tree’s theme. I’m planning on doing something similar when my kids get a little older. It’s the best of both worlds!

  • The first Christmas my husband and I spent together we got a real tree. It was super fun to pick a tree out and have a real one in our home. That following fall we got a boy puppy who loved to hike on all things nature so I was terrified he’d hike on a real tree so I went faux. I’m so glad I did for most of the reasons you listed above, plus not having to worry about our dog peeing on our tree haha

  • Love the diffuser idea, that’s what we’re doing this year with just a few decorations around the house. I love fresh trees but since I’m allergic we have to do faux… We aren’t even putting a tree up this year because we will be traveling so much haha.

  • We’ve always had a fresh tree and never really had a problem with it dying. Although, we only had it up for 2-3 weeks, tops. This year our son got married and went with faux. I don’t understand why but that’s ok, he’s starting his own traditions. Christmas is not about the tree anyway. Merry Christmas!

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