Get the Look: Modern Master Bedroom

Get a closer look at our GROVE PROJECT: MODERN MASTER BEDROOM REVEAL as we break down the design for you! "Get the Look" for your own Master Bedroom by shopping right here in the post and seeing the ways in which we transformed this space!

We're often asked where to find items for the designs we do for our clients.  The answer is - everywhere and anywhere! We're not tied to any one store or brand.  If it fits within the clients design and budget, we get it!  Many times this results in unique items for our clients' spaces.  To us there's nothing better than unique items to finish off a great design!  This is a big reason we partnered with Carver Junk Company as well.  CJC's store fronts are chalk full of handmade, refurbished and unique items!

Often times we aren't able to post the exact items you may find in one of our designs because it's unique or one of a kind and our designs are tailored for each specific client, but we 'll try to post similar or "copy cat" items.  Here we'll break down the design elements for you and show you where to get these items!

So sit back, relax and do some perusing and online shopping...

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Coming Up

IT's the holiday season and we are in full swing!  We'll be trimming the tree and hanging the stocking!  Too soon?!  For some but we just can't wait!

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Our newest addition to our website - SHOP OUR INSTAGRAM - is also available for you to peruse through which makes "Shopping the Post" easy and fun!  Go check it out!

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