Etsy Home Gift Guide

Happy Small Biz Saturday!  If you love supporting small business and you love unique home decor, then this is the GIFT GUIDE you'll actually use! We are all about incorporating unique items into the homes we design and decorate.  It's really what sets a design apart from the rest.  Of course we love our tried and true items that we repeat in designs but there's nothing like seeing unique items come to life in a space.  In addition to taking a design to the next level, we love to support small businesses by purchasing these unique items through them.  This is a big reason the partnership with Carver Junk Company was a no brainer!  They have amazingly unique and handmade items.  Etsy is also one of our FAVORITE places to find these pieces as well!  We find ourselves going back to Etsy repeatedly - especially for pillows, wall art, blankets and decor! There is a plethora of amazing vendors on Etsy.

Check out our guide below to be taken to these amazing shops!  Buy for your own home of for someone else's home!  Plus you'll feel great supporting small business!

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