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Yay!  It's that time again where we get to take a look at what our Pinterest followers are loving from our boards. Pinterest is a great platform to showcase our work.  It's also a great resource for gathering inspiration.  Below is your favorite inspiration pieces from June and July.

We just LOVE Pinterest because it's chalk full of inspiration!  We're continuing to grown our Pinterest following and you're all picking up what we're putting down so these "Monday's Most Wanted" blog posts are where we will be sharing our top pins!

Current Follower Base: 2.5K followers, 1+M monthly engaged and 14+M monthly viewers!!

Our secret weapon to building our Pinterest with ease is Tailwind!  This app has freed up precious time for us to get back to what's most important in our biz - Creating amazing interior designs for our clients!  Check it out - you'll LOVE it!

Enjoy!  And follow our boards to get in on this action!

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Design: Byron Bay Resorts | EH Design Top Pins

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Cathy Poshusta - GRIT & Polish | EH Design Top Pins

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Design: El Mueble | EH Design Top Pins

Design: El Mueble 

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Design: RailiCADesign | EH Design Top Pins

Design: RailiCADesign 

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Design: suestubbs_ | EH Design Top Pins

Design: suestubbs_ 

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We can't wait to share with you these blog posts on a regular basis!

Don't forget to follow us on Pinterest and also check out our newest edition to our website "Shop Our Instagram" where you can shop items from our posts!  Super easy and super fun!!

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Check Out Our Top Pins | EH DESIGN

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